Casablanca Non-Linear Video Editors

Whether you edit for a living or want to make home movies, the Casablanca range of non-linear video editors has something for everyone.

Simple and fun to use, (no PC experience required!) just connect direct to your tv and start editing.

Add titles, effects (many in real-time), music and commentary with ease, then burn to DVD.

With prices starting from under a grand, can you afford to miss out?

The base model can be expanded to have a DVD burner and IEEE1394 Firewire port.


The Casablanca Prestige comes with DVD burner and swappable hard drives as standard. Ideal for the professional or serious enthusiast.


The fastest and most powerful editor in the Casablanca range.
DVD burner, system and "one touch" backup drive, optional space for "CityDisk" or second removable hard-drive, auto background rendering of effects extremely quiet operation, future ready for HDTV.

The serious machine for the serious editor. Combine this with the CB Paint Software, and they'll be able to do virtually anything!


Options, Software and Prices

There are many hardware and software options for the Casablanca range to fit your budget.

More information, specifications and prices can be found at:
(For price list, click "Products")

or for further technical enquires, go to the manufacturers home page:

I've built my business up based upon these reliable and powerful, yet simple and fun to use range of editing computers.

Whether you edit for business or pleasure, ask yourself one question before you buy an editor:

Do you want to make films or learn a PC programme?

Personally, I want to make films.

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